"Our district likes the coordination between data collection systems (MARSS, TRAX, etc.)"
Lake Agassiz Special Ed Cooperative
"I appreciate the support I receive related to customizing Student Plans© for my district. I receive prompt and skilled technical assistance when I have a question or when a problem occurs. The User Group meetings allow me to make suggestions for enhancements to the existing application that would be of benefit to the staff in my district."
Joleen Moore, Roseville School District
"We receive prompt and skilled technical assistance when we have questions or a problem occurs."
Roseville School District
"Customizable forms allow districts to customize the forms to fit their unique needs and their interpretation of due process law. It assists the staff in completing the forms accurately (with prompts) and in a timely manner (with tickler list)."
Moundsview School District
"The selling point for our cooperative is the unparalleled customer service. Special education staff is no longer frustrated by having to deal with technology "glitches" when attempting to produce compliant special education documents. Staff is able to attend regularly scheduled webinar sessions, without the added travel cost, in order to become more proficient with the software. Due to this level of support, new staff can also quickly become familiar with the software. The customer service is simply superb!"
Norma Altman-Bergseth, Lake Agassiz Special Ed District
"The Completeness Check is one of the most important features to our district. It has vastly improved our compliance when we do our self-monitoring. The Student System Interface is a great timesaver as it totally eliminates the need for anyone to enter data regarding the student. Since not all districts use forms in the same way, it is wonderful to have the ability to customize documents to fit what you want to do in your district."
Sharon Bonesho, Midstate Education District