The Student Plans System provides:
Secure web-based access from any location!
Simple, easy to use screens for special ed case managers, evaluators, service providers, general education teachers and administrators.
Never miss a detail!
Reduce MDE monitoring citations by completeness checks and signature tracking on all documents to improve compliance and ensure that nothing has been missed.
Interfaces with most SIS systems!
Student, guardian, staff and student schedules can all be downloaded from your student information system and imported into Student Plans to save your staff time and effort by eliminating duplicate data entry. All students are imported into Student Plans regardless of special education status. Special education students can then be easily assigned to case managers or students with learning plans can be assigned to general education teachers.
Flexible and customizable for your district needs!
All document forms are Federal and Minnesota compliant, but districts have the options to add additional elements to their forms to gather more student data. Questions, comments, checklists, flowcharts and even entire pages can be added to any document. Web only district specific instructions can be added to documents to assist staff in completion of the form.
Staff Security!
Role-based security allows staff access to only their assigned students and functions. Ability to integrate with LDAP or Active Directory for easy user management.
Integration with other products!
Interfaces with Viewpoint and Ten Sigma’s online Transition Solution (TRAX) allow staff “one-click” access to a powerful reservoir of Viewpoint graphs and assessment information or transition information in TRAX.
Minnesota-based helpdesk and programming support!
Helpdesk staff is easily accessible via email or just a phone call away. Citrix gotomeeting and gotowebinar software is utilized for training users and to 'look over their shoulder' and guide district staff through the process of creating forms. Programmers are easily accessible to immediately address program issues.
Student history is maintained!
Every document written on a student is within easy access on the case document screen.
Email Meeting Notices!
Meeting notices can be emailed to meeting attendees to help ensure that staff are